The VGC website now has a News page!

October 8, 2020

Hi everyone!

I have just finished to implement a News page for the VGC website, and if you are receiving this email it means that you have a VGC account and will receive these news directly by email. If you prefer not to receive these emails, you can change this at any time in the brand new "email preferences" section of your dashboard (or you can simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email).

Note that these news will essentially be the same as the ones I post on Patreon or Tipeee, and I will continue to also post them there. So if you're a sponsor on Patreon or Tipeee and don't want to receive them two times, you can either unsubscribe from Patreon/Tipeee's emails, or unsubscribe from this VGC newsletter. However, I would appreciate if you stay subscribed to the VGC newsletter: it helps to build a good email sending reputation, making it less likely that important VGC emails get lost in spam folders. In fact, maybe this email got lost in your spam folder! (let me know by answering to this email if this was the case). It would also generally be helpful if you could add and to your contacts, and/or answer to this email to say hi! :-) This will signal to your email provider that is an email address that can be trusted.

Finally, note that the VGC website has a slightly new look! I made adjustments to the top navigation bar to add a link to the News page, and I also added a Donate page to make it easier for people to find how to become a sponsor. Finally, I've added to the Home page a form for people to know that they can get these news by email if they want to stay tuned :-)

This News page is something I had in my todo list for a very long time. Indeed, a few sponsors have contributed via Paypal (maybe you're one of them?), and I didn't have a good system to send them news, especially sponsor-only news. I was manually sending them an email, but it wasn't really scalable and more importantly, they still couldn't unlock access to previous sponsor-only news. Now, no matter the method of sponsorship (Patreon, Tipeee, or Paypal), everyone has finally the same rewards :-)

Thank you to everyone for having expressed interest in this project, and more importantly, a big thank you to all sponsors for making it possible!

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