Logo poll results and vpaint.org update

December 23, 2019

Hi everyone!

Thanks a lot to all of you who gave feedback on the VGC Software logo last week! It was almost unanimous: combining all platforms, version A won 43 to 6. Here are the details:

I think I'll do more of these polls in the future (not just for logos, but for VGC features, or what to prioritize): it seems like a simple and effective method to give you some ways to influence the project.

I have updated the www.vpaint.org website to integrate the winning logo, updated a bit the documentation, and also made a few adjustments to the website to make it more mobile-friendly.

Meanwhile, VPaint 1.7 should be available quite soon. I have already created the Windows installer (already available as a secret link to patrons - see previous patron-only post), but I still need to create the macOS and Linux packages, as well as doing a few more minor updates to the website.

Thanks again for your support!


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