Kickstarter for VGC Illustration launching in 2 days!

September 5, 2021

Hello everyone!

Kickstarter Campaign

I am super excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for VGC Illustration will be launched this coming Tuesday! Check out the video and more info at, or simply by clicking on the image above.

You can also already go to the actual Kickstarter Page: for now it's quite emply since the campaign hasn't launched yet, but you can sign up for a launch notification if you want.

It would mean a lot if you could participate in order to support the project! The goal will be to raise €10,000 in 30 days.

I will send another news on Tuesday just after launching the campaign around 2pm Paris Time (14:00 CEST). There will be a limited quantity of Super Early Bird prices, so be ready to pledge as soon as possible if you want to grab them while they last! But more importantly, pledging as soon as possible make it possible for the campaign to gain momentum.

For info, here will be the Kickstarter launch time in some cities around the world:

Introducing Even Entem

As you may have noticed in the Kickstarter video, if the Kickstarter goal is reached, I will hire a developer / research engineer for at least a year: meet Even Entem!

Even Entem also has a PhD in Computer Science, and has worked on related research projects, so he will be extremely qualified to work on VGC Illustration and VGC Animation! If everything goes to plan, he should join me in Montpellier around January 2022.

This is all for today, thank you so much for your interest in this project, and see you all on Kickstarter on Tuesday!

Stay tuned

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